KD-19 Spray-coated Polyurea Elastomer

Execution standard:KD-QB-01-201

 Major characteristics of Spray-coated polyurea elastomer coating

  It can be hardened fast, and can be hardened within 10 seconds, strength after first minute can be for walking, and continuous spraying in vertical sections is not runny.

  It is 100% solid content without volatile organic compounds, which accords with environmental protection requirements.

  It has good low temperature resistance performance, and it is still resilient and of no embrittlement under the conditions of -40 ℃.

  The product is of good durability, after using for long-term outdoors, there will be no chalking, cracks or fall-off.

  It has excellent physical properties, high strength and extensibility, and adjustable hardness at will.

  It is of good adhesion ability, and can be applied to all kinds of base material (steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, etc.).

  It has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and waterproof performance.

  The construction can be done fast with good overall effect, daily working capacity of single machine can reach more than 1000 square meters.

 Model: KD-SPUA01 spray-coated polyurea waterproof coating

  Main purpose: used for inner lining of concrete structure in building roof, industrial workshop, cold storage trapping, reservoirs, dams, bridges, tunnels, underground engineering and cooling tower of power plant, sewage treatment facilities, aquarium, swimming pool, etc.

▲ Major performance of coating 

Solid content: 100%    Low-temperature bending: ≤-40℃

Gelation time: 10 seconds  Watertightness: watertight under 0.4 Mpa for 2h 

Tack free time: ≤ 120 seconds  Hardness (shore A) : ≥70

Tensile strength: ≥10.0Mpa

Bonding strength: ≥2.0Mpa

Elongation at break: ≥ 300%  Recommended thickness: 1-2 mm

Tearing strength: ≥40N/mm   Storage period: 6 months

▲ Model: KD-SPLJA02 spray-coated polyurea corrosion and wear resistant coating

Main purposes: it is used for grinding equipment, coal mine chute, washing drum, sewage treatment ponds, cement mortar processing equipment, steel structure buildings, bridges, etc.

Major performance of coating 

Low-temperature bending: ≤ -35℃   Solid content: 100%

Watertightness: watertight under 0.4 Mpa for 2h

Gelation time: 10 seconds   Hardness (shore A) : ≥ 80

Tack free time: ≤ 120 seconds

Wear-resisting level : ≤30(750g/500r)/mg

Tensile strength: ≥ 16.0 Mpa   Bonding strength: ≥ 2.0 Mpa

Elongation at break: ≥ 300%   Recommended thickness: 2-3 mm

Tear strength: ≥40N/mm   Storage period: 6 months

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