KD-11 Mould Release Agent

Execution standard:KD-QB-01-2012

▲ Product description

  KD-11 formwork release agent is a kind of environmental friendly formwork release agent, which is formulated and compounded by a combination of vegetable oil, fatty acid and surfactants as the main raw material through scientific process. It is mainly used for all kinds of cement pre-fabricated parts, cast-in-situ engineering steel or wooden formwork isolation demoulding. It is of good fromwork release effect, stable and reliable quality, non-toxic and pollution-free. It is convenient for storage and transportation, take-care and reduce waste. The cost of using dry powder release agent can be reduced more than two times than the originally used waste oil, paper, molding cost, and the product imposes no pollution or residue on walls and parts.

▲ Application scope

  It can be applied to formwork release in girder yard, cement pipe plant, cement piping pile plant and all kinds of cement prefabrication, and it can also be used in cement and concrete element construction.

▲ Application method

  Before release agent is coated, the formworks has to be cleaned, rust and scale of concrete shall be avoided.

  The mould release agent shall be coated evenly, or coat by spraying on the mould directly, concrete can be poured until release agent stays dry.

  Before the use, the formworks with release agent shall prevent from rain, if it is wet by rain, release agent shall be brushed and coated once again .

  The steel mould using this release agent, if stay free for a long time, before placement a few more times of coating of the release agent shall be done to prevent them from rust.

▲ Packing and storage

  This product is packed in drums, 200kg per drum, and package can also be done according to customers’ demands.

  The product is stored in closed containers to avoid direct sunlight, and it is valid for two years under room temperature.

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