KD-3 Anchoring Agent

Execution standard:MT219-2002

Product description

  KD-3 anchoring agent is developed by our company technical personnel on the basis of ordinary anchorage rod. It integrates a variety of excellent material as a whole, it has the very high hourly intensity, meanwhile it allows enough working time. This product is easy to be applied with the advantage of high anchoring force, safety and reliability and low price. Especially it is suitable for the fast construction of using anchorage rods to support surrounding rock in railways, tunnels, coal mines, bridge pier reinforcement, building quakeproof, metallurgical mining etc. underground projects .

▲ Packing and storage

  This agent each 25 kg, 25 cm carton packaging, there is a plastic bag to protect.

  During transport and storage of the product, damage and moisture shall be prevented.

  The product name, model, weight, manufacturer, and contact number all relevant information is marked in cartons.

  The opened cartridge still need to be packed and tied tightly.

  The valid storage period is six months.

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