KD-2 Concrete Expansion Agent (Composite)

Execution standard:GB23439-2009

▲ Product description

  KD-2 concrete expansion agent can reduce dry shrinkage cracks of concrete, boost crack resistance and impermeability, increase the installation quality of mechanical equipment and components and speed up the installation progress. Addition of this product can quicken early strength development, make good expansive performance in later stage and long term steady strength growth. It has no corrosion effect on steel bar and can well restrain alkali-aggregate reaction. This product conforms to the GB 23439-2009 standard.

▲ Application scope

  In principle expansion agent can be added into five major types of cements, but in order to ensure the quality of the concrete, it is appropriate to adopt 42.5 grade ordinary Portland cement, 32.5 grade ordinary mineral slag cement. The pozzolana cement and fly ash cement has to be determined by way of experiment.

  Expansion agent can be used for the concrete and cement products with requirements of crack resistance, seepage control and filling joint, especially it is applicable to preparation of compensating shrinkage concrete, self-stress prestressed concrete,etc. It can be well applied to non-shrinkage grouting between mechanical equipment anchor bolt, base and concrete foundation, highway pavement, bridge concrete pavement and culverts as well.

▲ Packing and storage

  The product is packed in woven bag with inner lined plastic film, the weight is 50±0.5kg/bag, and the packing in bulk can also be agreed.

  The product shall be stored at dry place and prevented from moisture. The validity period is two years.

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