KD-1 Enhanced Waterproof Agent

Execution standard:JC474-2008

Product description

  KD-1enhanced waterproof agent belongs to inorganic rigid waterproof agent. Mixture of this agent with concrete or mortar, can greatly improve the strength and impermeability etc.performance of concrete and mortar, and it can meet the needs of different kinds of water conservancy project such as discharge, surge, sprinkle, leakage, seepage and others. It is suitable for all kinds of different grade of Portland cement. This product various testing technical indexes is higher than JC474-2008 grade-I standard.

▲ Packing and storage

  Powder agent is packed in woven bag with inner lined plastic film, the weight is 25 kg/bag or 50 kg/bag. Liquid agent is packed in steel drums, weight is 200kg or 250kg per drum.

  This product shall be placed at cool,dry place to prevent from moisture and damage. It is valid for two years.

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