KDSF Air-entraining Agent

Execution standard:GB8076-2008

 Product description

  KDSF air-entraining agent can improve the workability of concrete, reduce segregation and bleeding of concrete mixture and increase the durability and frost resistance of the concrete. The product has a very broad adaptation scope. This product can be used in antifreeze concrete, concrete for winter construction, concrete of impermeability, pre--mixed concrete, slipform concrete, pumping concrete, rolled concrete and lightweight concrete, and hydraulic, road, port and Marine engineering as well. It can also be used in concrete with the requirements on its surface finishing and preparation of air-entraining cement. The technical indicators of this product accord to GB8076-2008 standard.

 Packing and storage

  This product is contained in plastic barrels and packed in carton. Each carton is 30 barrels, 1kg each barrel.

  This product shall be placed at cool,dry place to avoid exposure of sunshine.  The packaging is sealed tightly.

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