KDSP Polycarboxylate High Performance Water Reducer Agent (Standard)

Execution standard:TB/T3275-2011 GB8076-2008

▲ Product description

  KDSP polycarboxylate high performance water reducing agent (standard) is a polymerization of many kinds of macro-molecular organic compounds, belongs to polycarboxylate grafted copolymer superplasticizer. It is one of the world's advanced level new generation of environment-friendly concrete admixtures. It can be widely used in water conservancy, power, ports, railways, bridges, culverts and roads, and various industrial and civil building concreting.

▲ Application scope

  Various kinds of prefabricated, ready-mixed, pumping concrete.

  Many kinds of concrete which applied under the construction condition of summer high temperature.

  Dams, large volume and vibration- free self-compacting concrete.

  Ordinary concrete, high performance, high strength, super-high strength concrete.

  The concrete of durability with the requirement of impermeability and freeze-thaw resistance .

  Suitable for a variety of concrete mixture with large dosage of fly ash and mineral powder .

▲ Packing and storage

  The product is liquid and packed in plastic drums. Packing in bulk can be agreed according to customers’ demands. It is non-toxic and non-combustible, and damage shall be prevented. It is valid for one year, the expired product can be put into use after concrete testing identifies qualified.

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