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Kaidi 2015 Annual Work Summary & Commendation Meeting was held

  On February 2nd, 2016 10:00 am, the 2015 annual work summary and commendation meeting of Shanxi Kaidi Building Materials co., LTD., was held ceremoniously in Yuncheng headquarters . The company headquarters was decorated with lanterns and bulbs and immersed in bustling atmosphere. The Chairman of the board of directors (Ms. Li Zhujuan represented), General Manager Mr.Zhang Ping, assistants of general manager, departmental managers, team leaders and business elites attended the meeting


    Mr.Xie Sigang hosts the meeting               General Manager Mr.Zhang Ping gives the summary report

  In the meeting, General Manager Mr.Zhang Ping summarized 2015 annual work, analyzed the current development situation of the industry and the company, and put forward constructive guidance on work in 2016 and issued some new preferential business policies. Secondly, 12 advanced staff selected by the company were awarded with honorary certificates and cash prize; 24 sales elites with outstanding performance were awarded with honorary certificates and prizes. Advanced staff representative Dai Feng, Direct-marketing business representative Yan Xiaoshuang, sales elite Li Hongxia, sales champion Ren Mingyan made speeches respectively on stage. The meeting came to a close in the cheerful "better and better" song


General Manager Mr.Zhang Ping and Ms. Li Zhujuan awards sales   Direct-marketing representative Yan Xiaoshuai gives a speech

    champion Mr.Ren Mingyan     

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